The Social Platform You Deserve

Neone is a new social platform built from the ground up to please you, the user. It’s an amazing sharing experience — one made even better with no advertising or data tracking.

No ads. No data tracking. Privacy on your terms.

Share Better

Remember when social media was fun? Think back. Before ads, before endless unrelated videos, before data-tracking and before your feed was controlled by an algorithm — it was just you and your friends and family, all sharing content you genuinely cared about. Neone brings that experience back.

Share Everything

Neone nails the basics, making sharing photos and videos a breeze. But unlike other platforms, we make it simple to share almost any type of attachment — PDFs, Word docs, spreadsheets, even audio and music files — all with built-in tools to make viewing or listening effortless.

Privacy With No *

With Neone, privacy is the default — you need to uncheck nothing. What you share, and with whom, is in your control. We don’t care about your content or your connections, nor should we. Plus, we won’t stalk you elsewhere on the internet. Your searches and other site visits will never affect your feed.

Bring Your Friends

We get it. Trying something new all by yourself can be daunting. But, don’t worry — we’ve made it easy to get started. Every Neone subscription comes with FREE guest accounts, so you can invite your besties (and the resties) to join. They get in on the fun, and can upgrade to a full account at any time.