With Neone, Your Data Is Not For Sale

Nor is your time and attention

In an earlier blog we talked about how business models inevitably dictate the behavior of any social platform. The business models of most of today’s leading platforms force them to maximize the amount of targeted advertising and user data sold to the highest bidder. Of course, these companies are limited in what they can monetize by what might drive away the users they profit from and by their obligations in the complicated and ever-changing Terms of Service and Privacy Agreements. But much of the behavioral data they sell is derived unseen through analytics and not even subject to these public policies. If you use any of the “free” social platforms today, you must expect that your data will be processed, packaged and sold.

Neone has set out to change the nature of social platforms by assuring the privacy of its users and their data as a fundamental value. This position may sound simple, but such an objective requires three critical elements.

Business Model

In any business the source of revenue has a dominant influence over the direction and function of that business over time. The only way to ensure that user privacy and data will be protected as an imperative is a business model where users provide the primary revenue stream. That’s why Neone is building its business on a subscription model. Fortunately, by leveraging cloud computing, Neone is able to deliver social sharing at a very low cost to users.


The Neone social platform has been architected from the ground up to give users complete control over their social networks and protect their data. Each user account receives its own, unique encrypted container — we don’t peer over your shoulder, mine your data or sell your social preferences. Check out our easy-to-read Privacy Policy for the last word in how we treat your data with kid gloves.


A social platform is useful only if content and data can be easily shared, so Neone has developed unique patented technologies that allow users to connect and share across their encrypted networks. Security is tricky, so this connection software has been carefully reviewed by outside experts to ensure that user data and privacy cannot be compromised.

These three elements brought together by Neone uniquely protect social platform users from the annoyance of ads and other promotional distractions, behavioral tracking and data mining (or theft). This protection is not just for today, but forever. If you are sick of ads targeting your social networking, tired of having your activities tracked and sold, or just concerned that what you share will be available to potential employers and investigators, why don’t you try Neone? It’s a much safer place to network.