Get to know Neone

  1. Profile & Settings — Manage your Neone account, including security, what’s displayed to others, and your notifications.
  2. Share — Send your thoughts, notes, files and favorite links to any or all in your private network. You can send any type of file — photos, videos PDFs or other documents — and link to anything you can reach with a web browser.
  3. Home — Your main, ongoing Neone “feed.” Where you can see messages and other content that’s posted to you, as well as what you’ve posted to others.
  4. Connections — Add more friends, family, and colleagues to your network. Just enter a valid email address for each, and Neone will send them an invitation to join.
  5. Communicator — Voice/video/text chat with anyone in your network.

Connections & Guests

What is a Connection?

A connection is anyone with a Neone account. You can send invitations to friends and family from the Connections screen and invite them to connect with you. If they have an account, they will be notified through the app. If they don’t, they will be invited to join.

Adding a Connection

Tap the Connections icon at the bottom of the screen, then “Add” to start the process.

On the Add Connections screen, simply enter email addresses to add Connections manually or Select From Contacts to choose from your phone’s contacts. When you are done adding Connections, tap Send Invitations.


From the Neone App

Tap the floating share/upload icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to bring up the Share screen. First, choose the Connections to share with or simply skip this step and by default your post will be shared with everyone in your network.

Next choose what you want to share — photos or video, files or website links. We’re using photos in the example below:

Then, add a message (optional) and tap Share.

From Other Apps

You can also share directly from other apps in iOS — Photos, Safari and Files.

The process is the same from each of the apps. The steps below demonstrate sharing a web page from Safari. First, tap the share icon:

Next, scroll across the icons at the bottom all the way to the right and tap More:

Then, scroll down through the apps and tap Neone:

From there, it’s the normal sharing process — choose Connections, add a message and hit Share.