Taking Control of Your Online Presence

The great thing about Neone is that our users create the narrative for success. A new user recently described returning from an intense work trip. Seated in his apartment, he took out his smartphone to catch up on social media, in particular to check on his extended family. Two hours later, he found that he’d forgotten his original task, instead wandering distractedly through endless ads, suggested posts, “ likes …”, Friend Requests and “People You May Know” notifications. He also commented that nobody really shares anything of personal substance; everyone worries more about the glossy appearance of their posts than actual content — you never know who will judge or troll you for slips in social idiom. In all, legacy social platforms require a lot of work for a really shallow experience. And that’s without even considering that users’ every interaction will be tracked and sold to advertisers, and who knows who else.

So, what would a social network look like if users were truly in control? To start there would be no ads, no surveillance and no mined data sold to the highest bidder. Users would interact only with the friends they invite, and their posts and media would be secure from the prying eyes of strangers, forever. Conversations could be as deep, or quirky, or outrageous as in their living rooms. That would be fun!

Neone is a social platform that offers just that — a secure, ad and surveillance-free platform completely controlled by the subscriber. Neone is a new, cloud-based social sharing service where each network of friends and family resides in its own encrypted space. Each user has complete control over their own network and who can participate, by invitation only. Users may also participate in other networks to which they are invited. Neone makes this radically different social sharing model possible by charging a modest subscription fee instead of monetizing its users, their eyeballs and their mouse clicks.

The first thing most users want is to create a family network free from the onus of public ridicule and corporate surveillance. This newfound privacy will allow for a deeper level of communication about what is truly important to each of us — spouses, kids, cousins and so on. Users can talk about cousin Steve’s trip to rehab and Aunt Emma’s health issues, with no concern for gloss and without anyone looking over their shoulders. Some users even say that Neone makes it possible to find a new, deeper level of connection across even far-flung extended families. And the same goes for secure communication with professional peers, enabling secure communication across a global group of interested engineers around a stealth start-up platform for personal data ownership and security.

Try Neone for a whole new dimension of possibilities for human interaction. With Neone, you still enjoy the familiar social network paradigm but in a safe and private platform.

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash